Adding an Internet Proxy to the Hosted Access Point

Hosted customers can configure an internet proxy between the CAM Access Point and the hosted database. You must have a valid internet proxy and the ability to update the Windows registry on the machine where the CAM Access Point is installed.

CAUTION: Follow these steps with care, since deleting or modifying existing registry keys can harm your system.

To create or update a key to specify the proxy server URL:

  1. On the machine where the CAM Access Point is installed, open the Windows Registry Editor (regedit.exe).
  2. Navigate to \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node.
  3. Expand Express Metrix\7.0. If these folders do not exist, you may need to create them.
  4. Create a key named ProxyServer, if it does not exist, or edit the key and provide these values
    • Name: ProxyServer
    • Type: String
    • Value: The URL to your proxy server.
  5. Save your changes and exit the Registry Editor.