Reporting Applications User Policies

Reporting Applications user policies control who can use Reporting, License Analytics, and CAM SaaS Analytics.

This topic applies to CAM Authentication.

Only Reporting administrators can configure user policies.
By default, these user policies are disabled. The first user who selects Enable Reporting Applications user policies is configured as the CAM system administrator, with administrator privileges.

To enable Reporting Applications user policies:

  1. Select Tools > User Policies and Authentication > Reporting Applications.
  2. Select Enable Reporting Applications User Policies.
  3. From the toolbar, select View Reports.
  4. Select the Administration tab to add or delete users, and to assign specific roles to users that give them full or limited permissions. On this tab, you can also prevent certain users from viewing these reports.

For more information about configuring user policies and roles, see Reporting Administration Panel.


  • If Reporting user policies are disabled, all users have full permissions in CAM SaaS Analytics.
  • To configure permissions for CAM SaaS Analytics users, enable Reporting user policies as specified above, then open Reporting and assign user role(s). For more information, see Reporting Administration Panel.
  • If you use CSM authentication, who can use Reporting, License Analytics, and CAM SaaS Analytics is controlled from within Cherwell Service Management.