SaaS Reporting User Policies

SaaS Reporting user policies control who can use CAM SaaS Analytics reports and configure subscription information.

To set up different levels of access to CAM SaaS Analytics reporting, the CAM System Administrator must do the following:

  1. In CAM Administrator, turn on Reporting User Policies.
  2. In the Reporting Administration Panel, configure the various levels of access to CAM SaaS Analytics reporting applications.

SaaS and User Policies

  • If Administrator User Policies are disabled, full permissions are available to all CAM SaaS Analytics Analytics users.
  • If Administrator User Policies are enabled, a CAM Administrator can set up a CAM SaaS Analytics Administrator by following the instructions in the next section.
  • If Reporting User Policies are disabled, all CAM SaaS Analytics users can sign in to SaaS Analytics, view SaaS reports, and configure subscription information.

Set up a SaaS Administrator

  1. Select Tools > User Policies and Authentication > Administrator.
  2. Select Enable Administrator user policies.
  3. To add a new user, select Add.

    - or -

    Select an existing user in the list, then select Change.

  4. Select User, then select Configure and manage software characteristics.
  5. Select OK, then select OK again.
  6. Restart CAM Administrator in order for your changes to take effect.