Retail and OEM Software Contracts

Purchasing includes predefined Microsoft contracts for retail and OEM purchases (purchases through a retail or OEM channel).

To describe the acquisition of a copy of OEM Windows software delivered with a desktop or laptop:

  1. Launch Purchasing.
  2. Create or edit an order.
  3. Add a software line item describing the software, and associate it with the predefined OEM contract.
When you create the software line item in step 3, make sure that the software you describe is exactly what is stored in the CSID. To do this, either add the item by part number, or search for the software title name:
  1. Search for the contract.

    For a new Purchasing installation, there will be only two contracts available: Retail and OEM.

  2. Select Select next to the OEM contract to associate the Windows purchase to its governing use rights (OEM).
  3. Select Search to the right of the Reconcile to label. If you enter the pattern "*windows*7*", a list of titles is shown.
  4. Select Select next to the one that applies.
  5. Enter the quantity purchased (1) and select Save. You have entered a purchase for a single copy of OEM Windows.

The process is analogous to entering Microsoft Retail channel purchases; just choose a different contract.

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