Orders Panel

Use the Orders panel to create, edit, and view purchase and lease orders.

Layout of the Orders Panel

The layout of the Orders panel includes a list of categories in the left pane and a toolbar at the top right (visible when a category on the left is selected). The right pane, the largest area of the panel, is where you can view and modify orders. The right pane changes according to whatever you select in the left pane, and Purchasing "remembers" where you were last in your current browser session.


The Order panel's toolbar includes the following buttons:

  • Add purchase: Click to begin a new purchase order.
  • Add lease: Click to begin a new lease order.
  • Search: Click to search for order information. The toolbar expands to include a line where you enter your search criteria.
  • Refresh: Click to refresh the contents of the right pane.
  • Export to Excel: Click to export the contents of the right pane to an Excel spreadsheet. You'll be prompted to open the results or save them to a file in the path you choose.

Note: Available toolbar buttons vary depending on your current selection or task.

Left Pane

When you select an item in the left pane, the right pane updates to show relevant information:

  • Information: Provides an overview of how to create and edit orders.
  • All Orders: Lists all orders, with subcategories for Purchase orders and Lease orders. Since leases usually have time restrictions, there are also categories for expiring and buyout notifications. Click a subcategory to view, edit, and delete orders.

Right Pane

The right pane updates with your selection in the left pane, showing the records that pertain to your selection on the left, as described above.