How to Apply a Contract to a Line Item

There are multiple ways to specify what line items are covered in a contract. The most efficient methods for each situation are as follows:

  • Existing line item, new contract: As you create a contract, follow the steps in How to Add a Contract, including the last step of adding order and line item information to the contract.
  • New line item, existing contract: As you add line items to an order, follow the steps in How to Add Line Items to an Order, including searching for and selecting the contract you want to apply.
  • Existing line item, existing contract: You can associate existing line items with existing contracts from the Line Items panel or from the Contracts panel:
    • From the Line Items panel:
      1. From the CAM Purchasing console, select Line Items.
      2. Locate the line item and select Edit.
      3. Search for and select the contract, then select Save.
    • From the Contracts panel:
      1. From the CAM Purchasing console, select Contracts.
      2. Locate the contract and select Edit.
      3. Click the order number that contains the line item.
        If you're not sure which order contains the line item you want, select a likely order number, then select Browse existing to open a list of line items the order includes.
      4. Locate the line item in the list, then select Edit.