How to Add a Contract

To add a contract:

  1. From the CAM Purchasing console, select Contracts > All Contracts..
  2. Click Add toolbar.
  3. In the list of templates for common contracts that opens, select the template you want to use, or select Other Contract if you prefer building a contract yourself instead of using a template.
  4. Complete the fields.
    The Contract Date, Contract Number, and Start Date fields are required, and most contracts require that you apply them to a machine group. The exceptions are the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement and Other Contract template.

    You can change the description of the contract, but if it is one of the templates for Microsoft contracts, you cannot edit the manufacturer name.

  5. If Purchasing user policies are enabled or your site uses CSM authentication, Access Profile is also required. Select one from the list.
  6. Complete other optional fields to provide as much information as possible (for example, completing the End Date field will make it easier to track when you need to renew the contract).
  7. Click Save.
    The window updates to show the contract information you just entered, with an additional section below for entering information on what the contract covers. You can close the window now and return to the Contracts panel, or you can do one of the following to specify what the contract includes:
    • Click Add Purchase and Add Lease, then follow the procedures for entering orders and adding line items to them.
    • Click Browse Existing to apply existing line items to this contract. Select the line item(s), and then select Save.

The contract now appears in the Contracts panel.