Preparing Purchasing for Importing Purchasing Data

Once you've prepared CAM Administrator, prepare Purchasing to import purchasing data by completing the following steps:

  1. Create custom order fields
    • Order fields represent the data at the highest level of an order, such as the order number, order date, etc..
    • View Purchasing's Order screen by selecting the Orders tab, then selecting Add purchase or Add lease.
    • If your spreadsheet includes a data field that you want to import but doesn't map to the default order fields on this screen, create a custom order field to map this data.
  2. Create custom line item fields
    • Line Item fields represent data at the line item level of an order (i.e., the contents of an order).
    • View the various Line Items screens by selecting the Line Items tab, and then selecting categories from the left pane.
    • If your spreadsheet includes data that you want to capture at the line item level but it doesn't map to a default line item field in Purchasing, create a custom line item field to map this data.
  3. Create custom hardware types
    • Hardware types represent the type of hardware that will be imported.
    • To view the default hardware types, select the Preferences tab, then select Hardware Types in the left pane.
    • When importing hardware information, your spreadsheet must include a hardware type column, and it must match one of the types listed in the Hardware Types section of the Preferences panel; the exception is Computer as an allowed hardware type, which is not in the Preferences panel.
  4. Create custom status types
    • To view the default status types, select the Preferences tab and then select Status Types in the left pane.
      Status types are not required for importing data.

Once you've completed these items, proceed to the next step: Prepare Your Spreadsheet.