Installing CAM Components

You can install Cherwell Asset Management components on multiple servers or on one machine if you are evaluating the product. You should always run Setup on the server where the CAM database will be installed first.

 This topic applies to on-premises installations.

Before installing Cherwell Asset Management, make sure you review the requirements for running the product, the components of the product, and your network. Also, determine where to install each component before proceeding.

All components except CAM Administrator and the CAM Administration Service should be installed on machines running a supported version of Windows Server; CAM Administrator and the CAM Administration Service can be installed on a machine running Windows Server or Workstation.

To install CAM components:

  1. From the machine where you want to install the CAM database, open and extract the cam[version] folder.
  2. From the cam[version] folder, run camsetup.exe.
  3. Select Normal Install, and then select Next.
  4. Select all the components you want to install on the server. Setup verifies that the required Microsoft components are installed on your machine and displays a dialog box that prompts you to install any missing components.
  5. Follow the instructions and proceed with the installation.
  6. Continue with the Setup program until finished. You may be prompted to reboot.
  7. Follow steps 1–5 on the other machines where you want to install each remaining component and adjust your selections in the Requirements Check dialog box.

Launching CAM Administrator for the First Time

Once you have completed installation of all non-agent components, you are ready to launch CAM Administrator and start using Cherwell Asset Management. If this is a new installation, you will be prompted to enter a license key; you should have received this key via email when you downloaded the Cherwell Asset Management installation package. If you did not receive a key, please contact Cherwell.

Enter the license key, and then select OK to begin using Cherwell Asset Management.