Configure Azure and Office 365 for CAM SaaS Analytics

Before you can create a connection for Microsoft Office 365, you must create an application in Microsoft Azure to register CAM SaaS Analytics.

These tasks are performed in the Microsoft Azure Portal by an Azure user with permissions to create applications. For guidance, refer to the Cherwell Knowledge Center or the Azure documentation.

CAM Information Needed for Azure Application

Provide the following information when you create the Application in Azure:
  • Application Integration Name: This is shown to users on an OAuth prompt.
  • Redirect URI: Fully qualified URL to your CAM SaaS Analytics installation. Example: https://<fully-qualified-server-name>/CAMSaaSAnalytics/OAuth.
  • Supported account types: Single tenant.

Azure Information Needed for CAM SaaS Analytics

Gather this information from Azure before you create the Office 365 connection in CAM SaaS Analytics:

  • Application (Client ID): This is available on the Application Overview page in Azure for the application created for CAM SaaS Analytics.
  • Tenant ID: This is available on the Application Overview page in Azure for the application created for CAM SaaS Analytics.
  • Client secret: When you create your application, you must create a client secret with an appropriate expiration date for your organization. Once the client secret expires, it will no longer connect to CAM SaaS Analytics.
    There is no way to view the client secret after you create your Azure application, so be sure to save it so you can add it to the SaaS Analytics connection. If you do not, you must delete the client secret in Azure, and then create a new one.

Azure Permissions Needed for CAM SaaS Analytics

Set these required permissions in your Azure Application. Be sure to grant consent to the permissions in Azure; if you do not, the SaaS Analytics connection will fail.

Permission Description
Organization.Read.All Required to get the list of subscriptions that an organization has acquired or is entitled to. This data is required to build reports that use license assignments and utilization information.
Reports.Read.All Required to determine and collect usage for Office 365 products. For example, this is used for reports that show how many users are actively using Office 365.
User.Read.All Required to gather all users in the Azure active directory to determine which users are assigned an Office 365 license.