Installing the Tools

The Remote Database Install option of the CAM Setup Tool installs all required tools and scripts for remotely creating and initializing the CAM database.

If you run camsetup.exe on a computer with other CAM components already installed, the installer doesn't provide an option to perform a Remote Database Install, as running camsetup.exe only allows you to upgrade or remove existing components. Instead, navigate into the installation folder's CAM\Database Tools folder and run Database Tools setup.exe.

To install the tools required for creating the CAM database:

  1. Identify the machine on which to install the tools.
    This machine must have the Microsoft .NET framework installed. See Product Requirements for the version of .NET required for this version.
  2. From this machine, run camsetup.exe.
  3. Select Remote Database Install.
  4. Advance through the screens, and then select Finish when installation is complete.
  5. Identify the machine on which to install the CAM database, and verify that is has Microsoft SQL Server 2012 or later installed on it, and then select the appropriate link to continue: