Guidelines for Save and Refresh Commands in One-Step Actions

Excessive use of save and refresh commands in One-Step™ Actions can cause significant performance issues in the CSM Browser Client. Remove any unnecessary save and refresh commands from One-Step Actions.

In previous versions of CSM, administrators often added multiple save and refresh commands when they created One-Step Actions. This was the only way to update data and ensure the One-Step Actions completed successfully. With updates to code in newer versions of CSM, save and refresh commands are not always necessary.

Here are suggestions for using save and refresh commands in One-Step Actions:

  • Write One-Step Actions with as few save and refresh commands as necessary.
  • Run the Health Check Tool and select the Save/Refresh commands in One-Step Actions rule for a list of all One-Step Actions that contain save and refresh commands.
  • Modify any current One-Step Actions to remove unnecessary save and refresh commands and eliminate the need for them. Be sure to do complete testing to ensure the One-Step Actions still work as expected.
  • When you need a Save Action, select the Save Business Object After Action check box in the last step of a One-Step Action (or where you want the save to occur). You can also add a new Update Business Object Action and select the check box.
  • When you need a Refresh Action, add an Update a Business Object Action and select the Reload Business Object Before Update check box.