Evaluate a PPM Demand

After a Demand is accepted, it moves to the Evaluate phase to assess the Demand.

During the Evaluate phase, enter more detailed information (in the form arrangement) to use to assess the viability of the Demand. Put together a low-level resource plan, a benefit plan, a budget plan, and risks. The financial assessment is autofilled.

In the Evaluation phase, you can create plans to further detail the cost, opportunity, and resource impacts of the Demand. A benefit plan and budget plan are required to move to the Approval phase. Controls for the amount of required information can be configured in CSM Administrator, as appropriate.

To evaluate a PPM Demand:

  1. Enter Resources in the Resource Plan tab.
  2. Enter benefit items in the Benefit Plan tab.
    At least one benefit item is required before you can submit for approval.
  3. Enter budget items in the Budget Plan tab.
    At least one budget item is required before you can submit for approval.
  4. The Financial Assessment tab autopopulates with an aggregate of the numbers in your budget and benefits plan.

  5. Enter risks in the Risks tab.
    The Stakeholders tab autopopulates based on Area.

    The Portfolio, Program (if applicable), and Strategic Objective tabs are links to the parent record information.

When a Demand is ready for the Approval phase, select the Submit for Approval link under Actions.