Integrating CSM with Twitter


With the Twitter integration, Users can:

  • Send a Tweet from CSM to Customers notifying them that a resolution was developed for a Problem (more specifically, creating a Send a Tweet One-Step™ Action Action to send the Tweet when a button is clicked on a form).
  • Display a Tweet on a Dashboard (ex: Live Twitter™ Feed on your IT Dashboard).

The Twitter™ integration is built into CSM, both in the interface (through a dedicated Twitter Account Manager, Twitter Widget, and Send a Tweet One-Step™ Action Action) and in the OOTB content (Tweet buttons on the Problem form). Users only need to create a CSM Twitter Account to link to a registered Twitter Account, and then build the Dashboards, One-Step Actions, and forms/buttons to use the tweets. A default Twitter Stored Value is also provided to enable/disable Tweet buttons on forms.

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Steps to Integrate

Perform these steps to integrate CSM with Twitter:

  1. Sign up for a Twitter Account:
  2. Create a CSM Twitter Account: When creating this account, it actually creates a link to an existing registered Twitter Account.
  3. (Optional) Create a Twitter Feed Widget to display a Tweet (Twitter feed) on a Dashboard.
  4. (Optional) Add buttons to forms and Dashboards to send a Tweet directly from a form or Dashboard (using a Send a Tweet One-Step Action).