Launch a Remote Support Session from the CSM Desktop Client (CSM Technicians)

Technicians can use the CSM Desktop Client to request remote support sessions with Customers.

After a technician requests a remote support session with a Customer, the Customer receives an email with a link to join the session.

To launch a remote support session from the CSM Desktop Client:

  1. Select the Chat Request control on a Business Object Form (example: Incident) or select Tools>Chat>New Chat Session from the menu bar.

    By default, the BeyondTrust Chat Session control is located on the CSM Desktop Client Task Pane under Common Tasks, as well as under Incident Actions on an Incident Form. Additional controls that initiate remote support service commands from Business Object Forms must be configured in CSM Administrator. The name and appearance of these additional controls is determined by how it is configured.

  2. Select a support issue, if necessary, and then select OK.

    The option to select a support issue is only available if it was configured in the Chat and Remote Support Connector Settings (General page) or in the options for the New Chat Session command in CSM Administrator.

    This is the email template that was designed in the Chat and Remote Support Connector Settings (General page) in CSM Administrator.

  3. Edit the email as necessary and select Send.
  4. When the Customer receives the email invitation, they select the link contained in the email and are prompted to download a temporary client chat application, which is used to join the remote support session.