Orchestration Pack for Microsoft Exchange 1.0

The Orchestration Pack for Microsoft Exchange mApp® Solution provides functionality that allows users and automation processes in CSM to execute activities and commands in external systems that are typically done manually.

This is a Cherwell Labs mApp Solution. Functionality, testing, and documentation are limited or incomplete. Cherwell support is not provided for this mApp Solution, so install it at your own risk on a test environment before installing it on a production system.

Platform Version Requirements: Tested on CSM 8.0.0

Out-of-the-Box Content Version Requirements: Tested on CSM 8.0.0

Prerequisites: None


This mApp Solution includes multiple features including One-Step Actions that support the following commands: Get Mailbox Info, Get Mailbox Statistics, Get Mail User, Disable Mailbox, Disable Mail User, and Enable Mail User.

For SaaS Customers, the provided One-Step Actions do not work with the Automation Process Service unless the Automation Process Service is installed locally.

The table below shows:

  • Runbook: The name of the runbook. This is what the Users see in the Menu Bar or Task Pane.
  • Business Object Associates: These are the CSM Business Objects that the runbooks can be initiated from.
Runbook Business Object Associations
Get Mail User Customer, Incident
Get Mailbox Info Customer, Incident
Get Mailbox Statistics Customer, Incident
Disable Mailbox Customer, Incident
Disable Mailbox Customer, Incident
Enable Mailbox Customer, Incident
Disable Mail User Customer, Incident
Enable Mail User Customer, Incident

Due to the power and potentially damaging results of running some of these PowerShell runbooks, these runbooks can only be run via the CSM Desktop Client. The commands cannot be run from the Browser Client because of security restrictions with browser access to the file system and server scripts.

How the mApp Solution Works

CSM provides the Active Directory Orchestration Pack as a mApp Solution so that Users can easily incorporate Active Directory runbooks into their existing CSM system. Download the mApp Solution from the Cherwell mApp Exchange. Use the Apply mApp wizard to apply the mApp Solution to your CSM system. The Apply mApp wizard generates a Blueprint, which can then be viewed and published to a test or Live system to commit the changes.

The mApp Solution includes the following items:

Item Category Item Typical Merge Action

Business Object

Journal - Integrations Audit Import
Customer, Customer - Internal, Incident Don't Change
Image Definitions Windows 128x128, Windows 32x32, Windows 64x64 Import
One-Step Action Customer-Disable Mail User, Customer-Disable Mailbox, Customer-Enable Mail User, Customer-Enable Mailbox, Customer-Get Mail User, Customer - Get Mailbox Info, Customer - Get Mailbox Statistics, Incident-Disable Mailbox, Incident-Disable MailUser, Incident-Enable Mailbox, Incident-Enable MailUser, Incident-Get Mailbox Info, Incident-Get Mailbox Statistics, Incident-Get User, Master-Disable Mailbox, Master - Disable MailUser, Master-Enable Mailbox, Master-Enable MailUser, Master-Get Mailbox Info, Master-Get Mailbox Statistics, Master-Get User, Set MailServer Import
Stored Values OP Exchange Mailserver, OP Exchange Parameter, OP Exchange Parameter Options, OP Exchange Result Details, OP Exchange Run Results, OP Exchange Version Import
Stored Expressions EX Ran Successfully Import

Merge Actions

  • Import: Add new item.
  • Overwrite: Replace target item.
  • Merge: Merge differences.
  • Don't Change: Referenced by the mApp Solution, but not altered in any way. The mApp Solution includes the definition for informational purposes only (the definition is not imported into the target system).

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Steps to Configure the mApp Solution

To apply the mApp Solution, perform the following high-level steps:

  1. Review the recommendations and considerations for applying mApp Solutions. For more information, see Considerations for Applying mApp Solutions.
  2. Extract the mApp Solution .zip file to a location that can be accessed by CSM.
  3. In CSM Administrator, use the Apply mApp Wizard to apply the mApp Solution. For more information, see Apply a mApp Solution. Select the topic that matches your version of CSM.
  4. Configure the Exchange Accelerator Pack.

How to Apply the mApp Solution