Request a vRealize® Virtual Machine in the CSM Desktop Client

Use the Incident Form to request a vRealize® virtual machine in the CSM Desktop Client.

This functionality is only available if you have applied the Orchestration Pack for VMWare vRealize® Automation™. For more information, refer to the mApp Solution Tech Notes documentation.

To log an External Customer Service Incident in the CSM Desktop Client:

  1. Log into CSM.
  2. In the CSM Desktop Client toolbar, click New>New Incident.

    A new Incident record opens.

  3. Record the basic details (Who, What, How):
    1. Requestor (in the Quick Info Tile): Provide the name of the Customer who initiated the contact, and then press ENTER or TAB to search for the Customer Record.
    2. Title: Provide a title for the Incident (ex: .
    3. Description: Provide a detailed description for the Incident.
    4. Call Source: Select a source for the initiation.

      vRealize Incident Record Details

  4. Classify the Incident:
    1. Service: Select Cloud Services from the drop-down.
    2. Category: Select Virtual Machines (VM) from the drop-down.
    3. Subcategory: Select Request VM from the drop-down.

      vRealize Incident Classification

    4. Priority: Click the Priority drop-down to reveal the Priority Matrix (determined by invoked SLA), and then click a priority number.
  5. Complete the Request Virtual Macine Specifics Form.

    The VM Machine Type drop-down values are based on the Security settings on the VM Purpose form (Blueprint available to the following Departments field). The default values are automatically imported from vRealize®, but can be manually edited if necessary.

    vRealize Incident Request VM Specifics Form

    If an Approval is defined, saving the record after completing the Specifics Form initiates the process. For more information, see Add vRealize® Form Control to the Incident Subcategory Form and Define Approval Process for vRealize®.

  6. Complete the Incident logging process.
  7. After the VM request is fulfilled, request a second day action:
    1. In the I Want To section, select a second day action from the Request Action for this VM drop-down.
    2. Click the Run Action button.