Risk Good to Know

  • A Risk Assessment is a questionnaire that is used to evaluate the risk level of a Supplier.
  • Risk Weight is a Lookup Object that allows Users to define Risk Assessment properties (including categories, subcategories, point allocation, etc.) using Table Management.
  • Search for one or more Risk Assessments that meet a specific criteria by running a Quick Search or Search Group.
  • Create a new Risk Assessment by clicking Create a Risk Assessment in a Supplier form.
  • The OOTB system implements several Actions/One-Step Actions to make creating Risk Assessments more efficient. For more information about Actions and One-Step Actions, refer to the Actions/One-Step Actions documentation.

    A full list of One-Step Actions is beyond the scope of this document. Export a schema document from CSM Administrator (Create a Blueprint>Tools>Export Schema) to view a full list of One-Step Actions associated with a particular type of Business Object (ex: Major).

  • Press TAB to move to the next field on the form.
  • Secure Risk Assessment records by controlling who can view, create, and edit records.