Service Cart Good to Know

  • A Service Cart is an e-commerce tool that allows Customers to add multiple Service Requests to a single order, and then temporarily hold the items until they are ready to submit the order. When the order is submitted, each Service Request automatically creates associated Tasks based on related Service Catalog Template Work Units. Technicians fulfill the Service Requests in CSM, and Customers view and track the Service Requests (and Service Request history) on the My Service Orders page of the Customer Portal.
  • CSM Provides an OOTB Service Cart as a Major Business Object for Customers to use in the OOTB IT Portal.
  • Service Carts are automatically created when a Customer creates and saves a new Request in the Portal. Once the Customer submits the items in the Service Cart, the Service Requests are created in the CSM Desktop Client, and a Service Order is created that lists the details of the Customer's Service Request(s).
  • Incidents logged in the Portal do not go into a Service Cart or Service Order. Only Service Requests are submitted via the Service Cart.
  • CSM provides a read-only, editable OOTB Service Cart form available in CSM Administrator. The Service Cart form is separate from the Service Request forms available in the CSM Desktop Client and the Portal. For more information, refer to the Incident documentation.
  • The OOTB CSM system implements several Actions and One-Step Actions to make working with the Service Cart more efficient. For more information about Actions and One-Step Actions, refer to the Actions/One-Step Actions documentation.
  • CSM provides several OOTB Service Cart Saved Searches that make finding Service Requests, creating Widgets, and running Reports easier and faster.
  • The OOTB CSM system implements several Automation Processes to automate Service Cart Management (ex: Sending Customers reminders about their abandoned Service Carts). For more information, refer to the Automation Process documentation.