Create SLAs

Create an SLA to define times for a Service and use as a metric and benchmark.

Use the following guidelines to help you create an SLA:

  • SLA Lifeclycle
  • Define SLA Target Times
  • Check for Errors

To create a new SLA:

  1. In the CSM Desktop Client or CSM Browser Client, select New > New SLA.
  2. Add a title and select a subscription level (optional).
  3. Select an SLA type and add a description (optional).
  4. (Optional) Add a scope and select a priority group
  5. (Optional) Select start and end dates, and then select a review date.
  6. (Optional) Select any preferred options under the Advanced Options section (example: Select the Allow "Stop The Clock" check box).
  7. (Optional) Select any links under the Actions list (example: Activate This SLA).
  8. Use the SLA Target Times tab to define SLA target times.
  9. Use the Priority Matrix Elements tab to define the Priority Matrix Elements.
  10. (Optional) Select the Preview link under the Actions list to propose hypothetical ticket situations to see what SLA deadlines would look like with the current SLA applied. Keep in mind that this tool does not account for differences in working hours, and so it best reflects situations where the customer and the technician share the same working hours.
  11. Select Save.