Reset a Record ID Counter

Reset the Record ID number for each Business Object to ensure that new records begin with the appropriate value.

The following procedure must be completed for the following Business Object Record IDs:

  • Incident ID
  • Problem ID
  • Change ID
  • Knowledge Article ID

To reset the Record ID for Business Objects:

  1. In the CSM Administrator main window, click the Blueprints category, and then click the Create a New Blueprint task.
  2. From the Blueprint Editor menu bar, click Managers>Counters.

    The Counter Manager opens.

  3. In the Manager tree, click the Blueprint folder.

    A list of Blueprint-only items opens in the Manager main pane.

  4. Right-click the <Business Object> ID (ex: IncidentID) and select Edit.

    The Counter opens.

  5. Select the Change Counter Value check box.

    Counter Window Change Counter Value

  6. In the Change Value To field, specify 100000.

    We recommend changing this value to 100000 for each Business Object ID, but Users can select any value to fit the needs of their company.

  7. Select OK.

  8. Publish the Blueprint to commit the changes (File>Publish Blueprint).