Create a Blueprint

Use the Create Blueprint task (accessed from the CSM Administrator main window) to create a new Blueprint file.

To create a Blueprint:

  1. Open CSM Administrator.
  2. Select Blueprints > Create a New Blueprint.
    The Blueprint Editor opens. By default, the Object Manager is displayed in the Blueprint Editor's Main Pane.

    If any content was applied as part of a Protected mApp™ Solution, you see a shield icon () alongside each item.

  3. Select File > Save As to save the Blueprint to a named .bp file.
    The name of the open Blueprint is displayed at the top of the CSM Administrator window and at the top of the Blueprint Editor.
  4. As you make changes, save the changes to the named .bp file.

    Periodically scan your Blueprint to find potential errors.

  5. When ready, publish the Blueprint to commit the changes.
    Refer to Publish a Blueprint for details about the publication process.