Add an Approval to a Business Object

Use the Object Manager and Approval Editor to add approvals to a Major Business Object.

When you add Approvals, you define:

  • A relationship between the Major Business Object and the Approval Business Object (Supporting Object): Allows data to be shared between the Major Business Object and Approval Business Object (typically, an approval is displayed as a tab in the form arrangement of a Major Business Object).
  • An Approval Block ID field: Holds the ID of the Approval Block that should be used.
  • An Approval configuration: Associates an Approval Relationship and Approval Block ID field with a Major Business Object, and allows you to define options that determine when approvals are generated.

After adding approvals to a Business Object, use the Approval Editor and the Approval Block Editor to:

  • Define Approval Email Settings: An optional email that is automatically sent to approver(s) when approval is needed.
  • Create an Approval Block: A set of trigger conditions, approvers, and actions for an approval.
  • Define Multi-Level Approvals: You can optionally set up multiple dependent Approval Blocks that allow you to define different triggers, approvers, and actions for different situations within the same Business Object.

Here is an overview of how to add an approval to a Business Object:

  1. Define a relationship between the Major Business Object and the Supporting Approval Business Object (using the Relationship Editor).
  2. Define an Approval Block ID field (using the Business Object Editor).
  3. Define approval configuration for a Business Object (using the Approval Editor).
  4. Optional: Define an approval email (using the Approval Editor).
  5. Create an Approval Block (using the Approval Block Editor).
  6. Optional: Define multi-level approvals (using the Approval Block Editor).