General Business Object Attributes

Business Object attributes provide additional capabilities. Attributes are set on the Advanced page of the Business Object Properties dialog.

General attributes are additional pieces of information (or meta-data) that can be associated with a Business Object. Some attributes are automatically set, but others must be provided manually.

Attribute Description Notes
BarcodeScan Used to allow users to scan barcodes from within the Browser Client. See Configure the Browser Client to Scan Barcodes.
CustomerInfo Used with Relationships to represent customer information.  
Knowledge Designates a Business Object to be used for Knowledge. Limited to one Business Object per CSM system. See Configure a Business Object for Knowledge Import.
LocationAware Sets a Business Object as location aware. See Set the Location of a Business Object.
PublishToApi Enables Cherwell REST API Named Objection Operations for a Business Object. See Add Operations for Named Objects.
SAMLImport Determines which Business Object stores user data for automatic imports from SAML. See Add SAMLImport Attribute for User Business Object.