Define Splitter Position Properties for the Form Arrangement

Use the Splitter Position property to define where to display the form arrangement, relative to its parent form.

The Form Arrangement Editor is accessed from within a Blueprint in CSM Administrator.

To define splitter position properties for the form arrangement:

  1. Open the Form Arrangement Editor.
  2. Hover over the form arrangement splitter until a two arrow splitter appears Splitter Hover, then right-click and select Splitter Position, and then select a position from the drop-down. Options include:
    • Top-Bottom: Display form arrangement below the parent form.
    • Left-Right: Display form arrangement to the right of the parent form.
    • Bottom-Top: Display form arrangement above the parent form.
    • Right-Left: Display form arrangement to the left of the parent form.
  3. Publish the Blueprint to commit the changes, or save the Blueprint to continue making other changes.