Form Arrangement Editor

The Form Arrangement Editor is a tool within a Blueprint in CSM Administrator that allows you to manage (create, edit, delete, etc.) form arrangements.

The Form Arrangement Editor is dynamic; when you make changes, the changes are immediately reflected in the preview. Publish the Blueprint to commit the changes.

Form Arrangement Editor

  1. Relationship tree: Lists the defined relationships whose child form/records you can add to the form arrangement. If a child form/record is in an owned by relationship with the parent form/record (example: Incident Owns Journals), then it can be edited; however, child forms/records in linked relationships (example: Incident Links Problem) are read-only.

    Create, edit, and delete a relationship directly from the Form Arrangement Editor by right-clicking it in the Relationship tree.

  2. Additional Forms tree: Lists additional forms defined for the Business Object that you can add to the form arrangement.

    Access Business Object properties directly from the Form Arrangement Editor by right-clicking in the Additional Forms tree.

  3. Tab Arrangement context menu: Displays tab operations so that you can define tab properties:
    • Tab position: Define where to display the tab labels (above or below the tabs).
    • Remove tab: Removes the selected tab from the form arrangement.
    • Properties: Opens the Tab Properties window to define general, contents, and filter properties for the tab.
  4. Form Arrangement preview: Displays a dynamic preview of the form arrangement, including how each tab looks (toolbar, split view, etc.).
  5. Tabs: Displays the tabs currently displayed on the form arrangement. To add a new tab, drag-and-drop a relationship or additional form from the tree onto the form arrangement.