Configure Third-party Chat Integration Security Rights for Microsoft Teams

Third-party chat security rights for Microsoft Teams need to be configured to set appropriate security for groups within CSM and to ensure each group can create/update channels as necessary. Access third-party chat integration security settings from CSM Administrator.

This task is part of a larger workflow: Configure Teams Chat for the Related Items Pane.

To configure Microsoft Teams chat integration security rights:

  1. From CSM Administrator, go to Security > Edit security groups.
    The Security Group Manager opens.
  2. From the Group drop-down list, select the security group that you are configuring the security rights for.

    If the group is not listed you need to create a new security group, see Create a Security Group.

  3. Select the Rights tab.
  4. From the Category drop-down list, select Chat Service Integration Features.
    A list of integration feature rights displays.
  5. For each feature right, select it and then select Allow / Edit to enable the it, or deselect Allow / Edit to disable it.
    For information on the integration feature rights, see Chat Service Integration Features Security Rights.
  6. Select Save to save the security settings.

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