Undo Business Object Changes within a Blueprint

Use the Undo Changes Made in Blueprint operation in the Object Manager to undo any changes you have made to a Business Object within a work in progress Blueprint. This removes all Business Object changes (within a particular Business Object View) from a Blueprint file before it has been published.

Good to know:

  • The Undo Changes Made in Blueprint operation is available only for Business Objects that have been edited within the open Blueprint.
  • Undoing changes to a Business Object only removes the changes from a working Blueprint file. If you have published the Blueprint, the changes have already been applied to your system and can only be removed using a rollback Blueprint (created when you publish a Blueprint). Publish a Rollback Blueprint file to undo changes made after the Blueprint has been published.
  • An Edit icon, along with italicized text and an asterisk, indicates which Business Objects have been changed within the open Blueprint (in the selected View). For example, Edit Incident indicates that the Incident Business Object has been edited.

To undo Business Object changes:

  1. Open the Object Manager.
  2. Select the Business Object View in which the Business Object changes were made.
  3. Click a Business Object in the Object tree, and then click the Undo Changes Made in Blueprint task in the Structure area.
  4. Click Yes to remove the Business Object changes from the working Blueprint file. This also removes any changes to Forms, Grids, Form Arrangements, Relationships, and Actions within the Blueprint.