Show Lifecycle Data in a Field

There may be occasions when you need to show lifecycle data in a field (example: when interacting with a third party API).

To show lifecycle data in a field, there must be a lifecycle associated with the Business Object and then you need to create a calculated field.

To create a calculated field for lifecycle data:

  1. Create a Blueprint.
  2. Open the Business Object Editor.
  3. Select to add a new field.
    The Field Properties window opens.
  4. Select the Advanced page and clear the Stored in Database check box.
  5. Select the Properties page and select the Read-only check box.
    The Always read-only option is then selected by default.
  6. Select the Properties page and then select the Calculated value check box.
  7. Select the down arrow to expand the Calculated value section and select the Expression option.
  8. Select Custom Expression .
    The Custom Expression dialog opens.
  9. Select the down arrow and then select a lifecycle token (example: Stage) from the Token Selector to use in your expression.
  10. Publish the Blueprint (File > Publish Blueprint) to commit the changes, or save the Blueprint (File > Save Blueprint) to continue making other changes.