Configure the Content Manager

Content Manager configuration tasks consist of checking or setting rights to view, edit, or delete content items.

When setting security rights for CSM items for security groups, access to functionality can be limited by scope. Scope is the intended audience for a CSM item. Scopes are used by most CSM items (Calendars, Dashboards, Attachments, One-Step™ Actions) to apply a range of use; access to content items in the Content Manager is controlled in exactly the same way as for access to Manager items, that is by using scope.

For example, if the Admin Group doesn't have View rights for Calendars with Blueprint Scope, then no Calendar items with Blueprint Scope are shown in the Content Manager Definition Results for Admin Group users when viewing Calendar Definition Types.

To configure the Content Manager:

  1. Look at the list of definitions and decide if users need to be prohibited from viewing, editing, or deleting any of them. See List of Definitions.
  2. When you have your short list of definitions for which rights need to be checked, from the CSM Administrator main window, select Security > Edit Security Groups.
  3. In the Rights tab, set View, Add, Edit, and Delete rights for Role as desired for each content item on your shortlist.