Dashboard Drill-Down

Drill down on a Chart, Gauge, and Matrix Widget to see more detailed data by double-clicking a Widget. Drill-down options include:

  • Go to a Record List: Drill-down displays a Grid list of pertinent records. Use the CSM Grid capabilities (print, export, sort, filter, group, size, move, and add/remove columns) to display only the data you want and in a way that is meaningful to you. Click a record to view it in detail.
  • Execute a command: Drill-down executes a command (ex: Display an Action Catalog, Calendar, Dashboard, Document Repository, HTML Page or Visualization, or run a command, One-Step Action, search, or report).
  • Go to a Dashboard: Drill-down displays another Dashboard (ex: A Dashboard dedicated to the Widget data). Filtering can be honored so that the filtering criteria on the source Dashboard is extended to the drill-down Dashboard (ex: If Widget is being filtered by month, the drill-down Dashboard will initially be filtered by month, as well).
  • None: Drill-down is not allowed.

Examples include:

  • Configure each series line on an MTTR by Priority Chart Widget to drill down into a list of records by priority (ex: All P1s, all P5s).
  • Configure a Planned/Unplanned Changes Chart Widget to run/display a report (command) that shows all Planned Changes in an organized format.
  • Configure an Incident Gauge to drill down into a more detailed Incident Dashboard.
  • Configure a Customer Satisfaction Gauge Widget to drill down into a more detailed Survey Dashboard.

Dashboard drill-down is configured as part of a Widget's Drill-Down properties.

Widget Properties Drill-Down

Dashboard drill-down can be defined to honor filtering. For example, if the drill-down honors filtering (Filter Dashboard is selected on the Dashboard's Drill-Down page), when you filter a Dashboard to show only Today's data and then drill down into another Dashboard, then the drill-down Dashboard will also be filtered to show only Today's data. A Filter bar at the top of a drill-down Dashboard displays any filtering criteria. Users can remove the filter by clearing the filters.
Drill-Down Honors Filter