Dashboards Good to Know

Use these tips for helpful information on Dashboards.

  • A Dashboard can be viewed several ways (example: Toolbar, Dashboard Manager) and from all CSM clients.
  • Filter the data on a Dashboard to show only a subset of data by selecting options in the Dashboard's filter (example: Show only today's data). Filtering is configurable, so behaviors vary.
  • Each Dashboard is assigned a Theme.
  • Manually refresh a Dashboard by pressing F5 on your keyboard. Refresh is configurable, so behaviors vary. For more information, see Dashboard Refresh.
  • Dashboards might behave differently in the CSM Browser Client.
  • The Dashboard Viewer (standalone application) allows you to view a Dashboard without consuming a license, so you can give one to every manager in your company. For more information, see About the Dashboard Viewer.
  • Security rights control access to CSM functionality and are configured in the Security Group Manager in CSM Administrator (Security > Edit Security Groups). For more information, see Configure Dashboard Security Rights.