About Themes

Use themes to define properties for the different elements on a dashboard, form, portal site, or action catalog, such as dashboard background color, form control text colors, portal banner colors and action catalog menu colors.

When a theme is applied to a dashboard, form, portal site, or action catalog, all applicable elements inherit those properties.

Each user also has a default dashboard theme, see Dashboard Themes). The default dashboard theme is initially selected in CSM Administrator, either:

If users have security rights, they can select default user dashboards and dashboard themes in the CSM Desktop Client. A dashboard can also be defined to use its own theme. For more information, see:

CSM provides several OOTB themes. Use these themes as-is, edit them, or create them using the Theme Manager and the Theme Editor.

There are two versions of the Theme Editor that can open when editing a theme, the universal Theme Editor and the classic Theme Editor. The editor that opens when you edit an existing theme depends on which version of the editor the theme was created. This information describes the functionality of the universal Theme Editor, for help on the classic Theme Editor see Theme Editor.