Dashboard Themes

Use dashboard themes to define colors, fonts and styles for different elements on a dashboard, such as dashboard background color, colors for charts and gauges, and label fonts.

For a detailed list of dashboard-specific universal theme properties, see Dashboard Universal Theme Properties. For a detailed list of dashboard-specific classic theme properties, see Dashboard Theme Properties.

Widgets significantly vary by type, so theme properties and how they can be applied also vary significantly (example: image widgets do not have text). For more information, see About Widgets.

Select a theme as part of a dashboard's display properties.

If configured, a dashboard theme can be overridden by:

  • Widget Theme: Chart, gauge, and matrix widgets can have their own colors and styles and can be configured to override the dashboard theme. Gauge threshold colors can also override theme alert colors.
  • Global Dashboard Theme: The default dashboard theme selected for the entire system.
  • Role Dashboard Theme: The default dashboard theme selected for a role. See Select Default Role Dashboards and Dashboard Themes.
  • User Dashboard Theme: The theme selected by the user (for more information. See Select a User Dashboard Theme.
  • View Theme: A system administrator, or anyone with rights, has the ability to bulk apply a theme, which essentially resets the default global theme. See Bulk Apply Classic Theme

CSM provides a default theme. Use the default theme as-is, edit it, or create a new theme using the Theme Manager. See Create a Theme.