Cancel a Delegation

Cancel an active delegation when it is no longer required (example: you cancel a delegation part way through your leave if you decide to work instead).

Good to Know

  • You can only cancel an active delegation, and not those that are scheduled, completed, or canceled.
  • If you try to cancel a delegation, and the delegation period ended while you are looking at the Manage Delegates page; if you don't refresh the page, you see this message: Selected delegate(s) cannot be canceled due to their delegation period(s) not being active and the Cancel button isn't available.

To cancel an active delegation:

  1. Open the Manage Delegates page:
    1. In the CSM Browser Client, select My Profile from the Account Information toolbar, then Manage Delegates.
    2. In the CSM Desktop Client, select Tools > Options, then select the Manage Delegates tab.
  2. Select one or more check boxes alongside your chosen records and select Cancel.
    The delegation is canceled.