Define Monitor Items for an E-mail Monitor

Define conditions and actions such as adding, deleting, editing, and copying monitor items to tell a Monitor how to process incoming emails.

Use the Monitors page to define Email Monitor Items.

To define Monitor Items for an Email Monitor:

Option Description
Add Adds a new monitor item.
Edit Edits an existing monitor item.
Delete Deletes an existing monitor item.
Copy Copy the settings for an existing Monitor Item, and then edit the settings as necessary.
Up/Down Arrows

Select to change the order of the selected items.

The order of the items in the list is important. The system steps through the list of conditions and actions in order, until it finds one where the condition is true, and then it executes the associated actions. The system does not evaluate any other conditions and actions once it finds one to execute.

The order of Skip Certain Items (always appears first) and Default (always appears last) cannot be deleted or rearranged.