Managing Business Object Grids

Grids are managed using the Grid Editor (accessed from within a Blueprint in CSM Administrator). Use this tool to:

  • Create/Edit a Business Object Grid.
  • Delete a Business Object Grid.

    Within the Grid Editor is the Grid Wizard, a specialized tool that automatically creates a new Grid with all the appropriate Fields and Grid properties.

To open the Grid Editor:

  1. In the CSM Administrator main window, click the Blueprints category, and then click the Create a New Blueprint task.

    The Blueprint Editor opens, showing the Object Manager in its Main Pane. The Object Manager lists the existing Business Objects.

  2. In the Business Object tree, click the Business Object to access the desired Grids.

    Filter the Business Objects by clicking the Major, Supporting, Lookup, and All radio buttons.

  3. In the Appearance area of the Object Manager, click the Edit Grid link.

    Also access the Edit feature by clicking View>View Grid on the Blueprint Editor menu bar or clicking the Grid toolbar button Grid Button on the Blueprint Editor toolbar.

    The Grid Editor opens showing the Business Object's default Grid. A dynamic Grid menu bar item appears on the Blueprint Editor menu bar to access Grid-specific commands.

  4. If more than one Grid exists for the Business Object, select the Grid to open by selecting it in the Grid drop-down (upper-left).

To view a Business Object Grid in the Grid Editor:

This is only viewable if there is more than one Grid

  1. Open the Grid Editor.
  2. In the Grid drop-down (upper-left), select a Grid.

    The Grid shows in the Grid Editor preview pane. The Grid properties show below the preview.

    To view the Grid as it appears to Users, see Using Grids.

Grid Wizard

The easiest way to create a new Grid with all appropriate Fields to a Grid at once is to use the Grid Wizard.

The Grid Wizard (accessed from within the Grid Editor in a Blueprint) automatically creates a new Grid with all the appropriate Fields and Grid properties. Use the Grid Wizard to initially and quickly create a new Grid. After creating the Grid, tweak the Fields and properties as needed.

Fields that are 42 characters long cannot be added to a Business Object when using the Grid Wizard or Form Wizard. You can, however, add 42-character fields manually.

If creating a Grid using the Grid Wizard, the wizard:

  • Adds all the appropriate Fields from the Business Object to the Grid.
  • Sets default Grid properties.