Create a Knowledge Source

Use the Knowledge Source Manager to create, edit, delete, and organize knowledge sources.

To create a Knowledge source:

  1. Open the Knowledge Source Manager.
  2. Select a scope and subfolder (if needed).
  3. Select Create New Create New Button.
    The Knowledge Source Properties window opens.
  4. Select the type of Knowledge source that you want to create.
    • Attachment: Search imported documentation (example: White papers) in the CSM Knowledge source system using the Attachment Manager (CSM > Tools > Attachments).
    • Business Object: Search a specific type of Business Object as well as its children and attachments.
    • Web: Search a specific website.
  5. Define additional criteria for the search.

    Additional search criteria varies based on the type of Knowledge Source you create (Attachment Knowledge Source, Business Object Knowledge Source, or Web Knowledge Source). Use this criteria to narrow your search.

  6. Select Save.