CSM Desktop Client Knowledge Pane

Use the CSM Desktop Client Knowledge pane to quickly search the configured Knowledge sources in your Knowledge base.

The pane has the following behaviors:

  • Dynamic: Searchable Knowledge sources and options vary by Business Object. This ensures that the Knowledge search is always appropriate (example: A mobile device website might be available as a searchable Knowledge source while on a Config - Mobile Device record but would not be appropriate when on a Customer record).
  • Collapsible and dockable: Display the pane when and where you need it. By default, the Knowledge pane is located on the right side of the CSM Desktop Client main window.

    Knowledge Pane with Callouts

  1. Toolbar: Displays a row of buttons for available operations.
  2. Search: Find all Knowledge sources that contain a specific word or phrase. For attachments, the search returns results that match the text within .txt, .doc, and .xls files and will return any file type with a matching file name.
  3. Search Options: Define the scope of the search to filter the results.
  4. Results Pane: View Knowledge sources found as a result of the search.

    Security rights control access to CSM functionality and are configured in the Security Group Manager in CSM Administrator (In CSM Administrator, go to Security > Edit Security Groups).