Add an Action to a Dashboard

A Dashboard is a configurable, interactive, and insightful console capable of initiating commands and Actions. Dashboards provide real-time, at-a-glance information through the use of filterable, configurable Widgets (Action Catalogs, Websites, Buttons and Links, Charts, Command Palettes, Gauges, Matrixes, Search Controls, Search Results, Twitter Feeds, RSS Feeds, and Shapes).

Add Actions to the types of Widgets so they can be launched directly from a Dashboard:

  • Action Catalog Widget: Displays a self-building and dynamic list (catalog) of executable Actions.
  • Command Palette Widget: Displays a list of commands (Actions).
  • RSS Feed Widget: Displays frequently updated information, such as news or blog entries, from a particular feed.
  • Twitter Feed Widget: Displays entries from a Twitter Account or search.
  • Buttons and Links: Execute single commands.