Command Palette Widgets

A Command Palette Widget displays a list of one or more executable Actions that can:

  • Run a Command, One-Step Action, Report, or Search.
  • Display a CSM Item, such as an Action Catalog, Calendar, Dashboard, Document Repository, HTML Page, or Visualization.

A Command Palette Widget can have:

  • A single Action (ex: Run a One-Step Action, run a report, display another Dashboard, etc.).
  • Several ungrouped Actions.
  • A group of similar Actions organized by folders.

The following figure shows an example Command Palette Widget with a group of Actions organized by folder.

Command Palette Widget Example

Good to know:

  • A Command Palette Widget is highly configurable; define which Actions to execute and how to group the Actions.
  • By default, a Command Palette Widget acquires its text, color, background style, and border style properties from the defined Dashboard Theme; however, you can define your own properties, if needed.
  • To execute a single Action, drag a button or link from the "Shapes, etc." section of the Widgets tree in the Dashboard Editor, then right-click the button or link and select Widget Properties from the context menu. The window opens, allowing you to select a single Action.
  • A Button or Link Widget (Shape Widget) can also be used to execute a single Action.