Managing Actions

CSM provides several tools for managing Actions.

  • Action Manager: Contains various types of Actions, including displaying Action Catalogs, Calendars, Document Repositories, and Visualizations; executing commands; and running One-Step Actions, Reports, and Saved Searches. The Actions available in the Action Manager depend on the location from which you are accessing it.
  • Actions Menu: A drop-down menu that contains a list of available Actions.
  • CSM Item Managers: When you select an Action from an Actions menu, the appropriate CSM Item Manager opens, from which you can select the specific CSM Item to display/run (or the specific command to execute for Command Actions). Select a specific item, edit an item, or create a new item on the fly. The Managers available from an Actions menu vary depending on your location in CSM.
  • Command Manager: A specific CSM Item Manager that opens when you select a Command Action from an Actions menu. You can view and select specific commands, but you cannot create, edit, or delete them (they are built into the system). The commands might vary depending on where the Command Manager is accessed.
  • One-Step Action Manager: When creating One-Step Actions, you select Actions from the Actions pane in the Visual Workflow One-Step Action Designer and add them to the Designer Board in the desired sequence. If you are adding a One-Step Action to a CSM area, you select it from either the Action Manager (if One-Step Actions are one of several types of Actions that can be selected for an area) or One-Step Action Manager (if One-Step Actions are the only type of Action that can be selected for an area).

    Adding Actions to some areas might look different than the tools listed above. For example, Approval Actions are defined in a specific window using a list of check boxes.

  • Action Block Manager: Use the Action Block Manager to build reusable sets of Actions. The Action Blocks are then available in the One-Step Editor under the Action Blocks section of the Actions pane.