Configure Queues

Use CSM Administrator to configure Queues.

To configure Queues:

  1. Configure Queue security rights: Configure who can access Queue functionality.
  2. Add Queue support to a Business Object: Define if users should be allowed to add a specific type of Business Object record to Queues.
  3. Define Queue settings based on Business Object lifecycle: Define how Business Object records are added to or removed from Queues based on lifecycle states.

    For CSM 10.2.0 or later versions, use the Business Object Lifecycle Editor to add a lifecycle to a Business Object. See: Open the Lifecycle Editor.

  4. Specify Queue history placement: Define which Business Object to use for tracking when records are added to or removed from a Queue.
  5. Define default user Queue history settings: Define Queue History Journal records to track Queue operations (example: Add to Queue, check in, check out, reassign, suspend, unsuspend, remove).
  6. Transfer ownership to user when record is placed in a user Queue: Define if users can transfer record ownership to a specific user when a record is placed in a user Queue.