Use the Record Locking Manager

Use the Locked Record Manager to:

  • View a list of locked records (as a Grid): Shows where the record was locked (example Desktop Client), who locked the record (record holder), what time the record was locked, and when the lock will expire (if configured).
  • Filter locked records: Filter the list by selecting a CSM Application (example: Desktop Client, Browser Client, etc.), Locked By (Global Locks only), and/or Lock Type (example: Major Objects). Clear the filter by clicking Reset Filter.
  • Sort the list by clicking the Sorting arrows.
  • Unlock all or selected locked records.
  • Refresh the list.
  • Export or print the Grid list.

To open the User Locks Record Locking Manager (CSM Desktop Client):

  • From the CSM Desktop Client menu bar, click Edit>User Locks.

To open the Global Locks Record Locking Manager (CSM Administrator):

  • In the CSM Administrator main window, click the Settings category, and then click the Global Lock Manager task.

When the Record Locking Manager is opened in CSM Administrator, it displays Global locks (all locked records for all Users). When the Record Locking Manager is opened from the CSM Desktop Client, it displays User locks (all locked records for the logged-in User).

The Record Locking Manager is not available in the CSM Browser Client or CSM Portal.