Select a Business Object and Saved Search in the Report Wizard

The Business Object and Saved Search page of the Report Wizard allows you to select the Business Object (example: Incident) and Saved Search (example: My Open Incidents) to use as a data set for the Report.

You can select only one Business Object and Saved Search per Report. You can change the Saved Search used by the Report later, but you cannot change the associated Business Object. For more information, refer to Editing Report Properties.

You can add data from any Business Objects related to this primary Business Object to the Report. For example, a Report on Incident Business Objects can also contain the data from the Journal Business Objects associated with each Incident. More information on Related Business Objects is provided in the next step of the Wizard, Select Fields for the Report in the Report Wizard.

To set the Business Object and Data for the Report:

  1. Select a Business Object from the Business Object drop-down menu.
  2. Select a method of retrieving data for the selected Business Object:
    • Saved Search (recommended): Pulls only the Business Object records that fit a defined search. For example, if the system contains all Incidents that have occurred in the last three years, but you only want to report on Incidents that are currently open, you can select the Open Incidents Saved Search. See About Saved Searches for more information.
    • All records (not recommended): Pulls all records of the Business Object from the database. This option becomes increasingly resource intensive as the selected database grows, resulting in large sets of Report data that take extensive time to process.
  3. Click Next to open the Select Fields for Report page.