Assign a Value to a Stored Value

Use the Stored Value Manager to assign values to Stored Values. The assigned values become the default values, and are stored so that they can be accessed and reused from various places in CSM.

To assign a value to a Stored Value:

  1. Open the Stored Value Manager.
  2. Select a Stored Value from a scope (and subfolder, if applicable), and then select Edit.
  3. Assign a value to the Stored Value. A Stored Value can be:
    • Text (or images)
    • Number
    • Date/Time
    • Logical (True/False)
    • Color

    If you are assigning a value to a default Stored Value, Users might need to assign a specific value (this will be stated in the description). See Configuring Stored Values for more information.

  4. (Optional) Select the Value is User-Specific radio button to make the value User-specific. This means that each User who uses this Stored Value can have a version of the Stored Value, and update the value to something that is unique to them (using the Update a Variable or Stored Value Action in a One-Step Action) rather than using the default value.

    If you select this radio button without also selecting Remember the User-Specific Values Between Sessions, any User-specific values are only available for use during a User's current CSM session. The Stored Value returns to its default value after Users log out or close their sessions.

  5. Select the Remember the User-Specific Value Between Sessions check box to store any User-specific values so they are available next time Users log in to CSM.
  6. Select Save.