Define a Custom Color for a Slice in a Pipeline Chart Widget

Use the Custom Colors page (accessed from within the Chart Series window) to define a custom color for a slice (value) in a Pipeline Chart Widget (ex: Make reopened Incidents (Status=Reopened) red to signify a higher priority).

Pipeline Widget Custom Color

The Chart Series window is accessed from within the Widget Manager when you create or edit a Chart Widget, and then add a Series.

Good to know:

  • By default, slice colors come from the Chart Color Palette defined in a Dashboard Theme; selecting a custom color overrides the Dashboard Theme palette.
  • Dashboard Theme colors/styles can also be overridden on a per Widget basis (see Display tab).

To define a custom color for a slice in a Pipeline Chart Widget:

  1. Create a Chart Widget
  2. In the Chart Series window, click the Custom Colors page.
  3. Define a custom color for a slice:
    1. Click the Create New button Create New Button.
  4. Select the value (represented as slice) for which you want to select a custom color (example: "Reopened").
    1. Click the Color Selector button Color Picker Button to open the Color Selector, and then select a color:
      • System:

        Set of colors provided by your operating system. System colors can vary greatly depending on the operating system and browser used to view the color.

      • Web:

        Set of named web-safe colors.

      • Custom:

        Customized red, green, blue (RGB) colors.

    2. Select OK.

      Click the Edit button Edit Button to change a selected color; click the Delete button Delete Button to remove a selected color from the list

    3. Show a different color for each value: Not applicable for a pipeline chart. By default, each slice is assigned a different color.
  5. Select OK.