Define a Custom Color for an X-Value in a Bar, Column, Line, or Scatter Chart Widget

Use the Custom Colors page (accessed from within the Chart Series window) to define a custom color for a specific x-value on a Bar, Column, Line, or Scatter Chart Widget (example: Make Reopened Incidents (Status=Reopened) red to signify a higher priority). The x-value is represented by a bar in a bar chart, a column in a column chart, and a point in a line or scatter chart.

Chart Widget Custom Color

The Chart Series window is accessed from within the Widget Manager when you create or edit a Chart Widget, and then add a Series.

Good to know:

  • By default, bar/column/point colors come from the Chart Color Palette defined in a Dashboard Theme; selecting a custom color overrides the Dashboard Theme palette.
  • Dashboard Theme colors/styles can also be overridden on a per Widget basis (see Display tab).

To define a custom color for an x-value in a Bar, Column, Line, or Scatter Chart Widget:

  1. Create a Chart Widget.
  2. Define a custom color for an x-value:
    1. Click the Create New button Create New Button.
    2. Provide the value for which you want to select a custom color (example: "Reopened").
    3. Click the Color Selector button Color Picker Button to open the Color Selector, and then select a color:
      • System:

        Set of colors provided by your operating system. System colors can vary greatly depending on the operating system and browser used to view the color.

      • Web:

        Set of named web-safe colors.

      • Custom:

        Customized red, green, blue (RGB) colors.

    4. Select OK.

      Click the Edit button to change a selected color; click the Delete button to remove a selected color from the list

    5. Show a different color for each value: Select this check box to show a different color for each value. If you do not define custom colors for each value, colors are assigned to each value based on the Chart Color Palette.

      For Bar and Column Charts that do not use grouping, the default behavior is for every bar/column to be the same color.

  3. Select OK.