Define General Properties for a Chart Widget

Use the top portion of the Chart Widget Properties window (accessed from within the Widget Manager) to define the following general properties for a Chart Widget.

  • Default title:

    Title to display above the Widget to identify it on a Dashboard.

  • Refresh:

    How often to automatically refresh the Widget (example: Every 5 minutes).

  • Exclude from Filter:

    Excludes the Widget from being filtered by any and all Dashboard filters (In other words, ignores any Dashboard filter). Typically, this is selected if the Widget has its own defined Date/Time filter.

Good to know:

  • A preview of the Widget (with randomly generated data) is available at the top of the window. Use this to preview your Widget as you build it.

  • Refresh executes only when a Widget is active and being displayed. If you leave a dashboard and come back to it, the data will be automatically refreshed and the refresh timer will start over.

  • Use refresh on Widgets where the data is likely to change (example: A Widget displaying Incident data).
  • A Dashboard's Refresh properties determine whether or not to 1) use the Dashboard's scheduled refresh instead, and/or 2) allow its Widgets to refresh themselves in addition to the Dashboard's scheduled refresh. For more information, refer to Dashboard Refresh in the Dashboards documentation.

To define general properties for a Chart Widget:

  1. Create a Widget.
  2. In the Type drop-down, select Chart.
  3. Define general properties:

    These properties apply to the Chart Widget in general. Data series properties are defined for each individual series.

    1. Default Title:

      Provide the title to display above the widget. The font, style, and color is inherited from the dashboard on which this widget resides.

      You can change this title (Controls text box) when you put the Widget on a Dashboard; however, the title is not dynamic so changes will not be pushed back to this field. Likewise, if you later change this title in Widget Properties, the changes will NOT be pushed out to all the places it resides on Dashboards. For more formatting flexibility, use a "floating" Text Widget to display a label or title for a Widget.

    2. Refresh Every:

      Select this check box to refresh the content according to a defined time period, and then provide the refresh timeframe (every x hours or minutes).

    3. Exclude From Filter:

      Select this check box to exclude the Widget from being filtered by any filter (Filter Widget) being used on a Dashboard. (Dashboard filters limit multiple Widgets/data series at once). Typically, this is selected if the Widget has its own Date/Time filter.

  4. Select OK.