Define Point Label Formats for a Bar, Column, Line, or Scatter Chart Widget

Use the Point Label Format page (accessed from within the Chart Series window) to define formatting options for point labels on a chart series. Formatting options vary by category (Number, Currency, Percentage, or Custom) for a series in a Chart Widget. Each series can have its own individual set of formatting properties, which include:

  • Number: Define decimal places and enable 1000 separator, negative sign, and leading zeros.
  • Currency: Define decimal places and symbol.
  • Percentage: Define decimal places.
  • Custom: Define a custom format string.

    The Chart Series window is accessed from within the Widget Manager when you create or edit a Chart Widget, and then add a Series.

To define point label formats for a Chart Widget:

  1. Create a Chart Widget and define a Series.
  2. In the Chart Series window, click the Point Label Format page.
  3. Select a category (select one).
  4. Define the following number properties (properties vary by category):
    • Decimal Places: Specify the number of decimal places to display to the right of a decimal point (example: 5.0 has one decimal place, 5.00 has two decimal places). Zero (0) indicates a whole number (no decimal place).
    • Use 1000 Separator: Select this check box to add a separator (example: Comma) when a number value reaches 1000. Separators vary depending on locale (example: USA, Europe, etc.).
    • Show Leading Zeroes: Select this check box to display zeroes (if any) before a decimal place (example: 0.7 has a leading zero).
    • Show Negative Sign: Select this check box to display a negative sign (when applicable) before a number string (ex: -5.0).
    • Currency Symbol: By locale (example: English, United States).
    • Custom: Define a custom format or use an existing one (example: 0,0.00,#.##0,0%,0.00%,0.00E+00, ##0.0E+0).
  5. Select OK.